Navajo Sand Art

 Navajo Sand Paintings Essay

Mary Clah, a Navajo sand painter, when said, " My work is classic and modern day, and sometimes the variety of the two. ” Traditional and contemporary is the reason why the Navajo sand art sacred. The ceremonials the Navajo have got, contain fine sand paintings that relate to the ceremony happening. These events contain not simply sand artwork but likewise healing tracks that return the patient back to " hozho” or stability. Creating the crushed stone paintings includes a definite procedure to it but it is definitely not an easy job. The Navajo crushed stone paintings move through a complex process, which in turn not simply has a much deeper meaning to it yet also creates an image intended for the healing process. While the Navajo sand artwork have a fancy process through which they are made, they also have a fancy meaning by which they are looked at. The fine sand paintings are usually created over a Hogan ground and different colors of sand are used to produce this piece of art. After the works of art are made and the ceremony has been done, the art can then be destroyed. The main reason this happens is because the sand piece of art is used being a portal to draw the spirits. Once the Ay people eliminate the illness that is present, the sand portrait is deliberately destroyed to block the portal and the health issues from coming back. This process often takes up to twelve hours right away of the piece of art to the intentional destruction from the painting. The creation of the paintings not merely takes a lot of skill yet also demands that admiration is to be had for these art because of the religious meaning they will contain. Sand painting performers, such as Ben Clah, say thanks to God intended for giving them to be able to create this sort of art through their fingers and hands. Each piece of art has its own exclusive contemporary look to it and this is due to the particular way the colors are used. The different colours that are used to develop these sand paintings vary from naturally shaded sand to something as easy as grilling with charcoal or sandstone. The...

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