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Recruiting in the Downturn: Managing and Representing Persons at Work in Ireland В В WilliamВ KВ RocheВ SchoolВ ofВ Business, В UniversityВ CollegeВ DublinВ В PaulВ TeagueВ SchoolВ ofВ Management, В Queen'sВ UniversityВ BelfastВ В AnneВ CoughlanВ SchoolВ ofВ Business, В UniversityВ CollegeВ DublinВ В MajellaВ FahyВ SchoolВ ofВ Business, В UniversityВ CollegeВ DublinВ В В


The authors want to acknowledge the support and assistance furnished by a number of people towards conduct of the study. Kieran Mulvey, Chief Executive of the LRC, initiated and commissioned the research, and was unstinting in his support and encouragement throughout the research project. Freda Nolan, Overseer of Exhortatory Services in the LRC, was invaluable to our work through her involvement inside the conduct from the focus groupings, and her professionalism, support and assistance throughout the project. We owe her an excellent debt and we wish to acknowledge her contribution to the research. Members with the LRC Advisory Service, especially Seamus Doherty and Leo Costello, played a valuable position in encouraging firms to participate in the employers' review. Wendy Sullivan at the CIPD also supplied assistance with the survey. The Project Steering Group well guided and aided our work in various ways and would like to say thanks to, in particular, it is external members: Michael McDonnell and Frank Kelly in the CIPD, Martha Connaughton of IBEC and Esther Lynch of the ICTU. Kieran Mulvey, Freda Nolan and Seamus Doherty also served while members with the Steering Group. The Board of the LRC gave useful feedback for the preliminary outcomes of the target groups, as well as providing confidence and support for the study as a whole. Colman Higgins and Roisin Farrelly of Industrial Contact News presented helpful advice regarding possible circumstance studies intended for inclusion in the research. non-e of the afore-mentioned bears any responsibility intended for the analysis or a conclusion reported in the study.

For UCD, Mack Madsen presented excellent support to the management of the task and managed the production in the report file with superb skill. Mentor Dorothy Watson, at the ESRI managed the construction of the sampling frame as well as the weighting of the sample info with wonderful skill. Caoimhe McGuckin transcribed the focus group interviews with great acceleration and accuracy and Patricia O'Sullivan adroitly managed review data admittance and liaison with study respondents. We wish to say thanks to the HUMAN RESOURCES managers and trade union officials who have participated in the focus groupings, and managers responsible for HUMAN RESOURCES who completed survey forms. We are as well indebted for the companies who agreed to enable us to conduct circumstance studies, along with the managers and union officials who had been interviewed as part of the case study study but who are not named individually to preserve confidentiality. 1В В


William E. Roche Invoice Roche is Professor of Industrial Relations and Human Resources on the School of Business, University or college College Dublin and Honorary Professor at the School of Management, Queen's University Belfast. He is a graduate of UCD and completed his doctorate at the University of Oxford, where he was Heyworth Memorial Award Research Guy of Nuffield College. He has organised visiting professorships at the School of Southern Australia, Adelaide and at the University of Melbourne. He was a Blue jean Monnet Many other at the Euro University Institute, Florence. His most recent ebooks are Taking care of Workplace Conflict in Ireland in europe, (with Deborah Hahn and Paul Teague), Dublin: Government Publications, 2009 and Alliance at Work: The Quest for Significant Organizational Change, (with John Geary), Oxford: Routledge, 06\.

Paul Teague Paul Teague is Mentor of Managing at the Administration School, Queen's University Belfast. Previously, he has organised positions at the London College of Economics and Cranfield School of Management. He has also been a Fulbright College student at the College or university of Ma. He offers...

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