Having a closer look at 500 word essay length

There’s no doubt working on your college essay might appear to beone of the most challenging parts of applying to college.

Well,even if you’ve picked up a theme you’re quite familiar with youmight still wonder whether you should write briefly or extendyour thoughts as much as you can. For many learners the questionof 500 word essay length is still actual. Here below we’llconsult you on college essay length, so you could realize howmuch the word limit matters in academic writing.

Have your word limit checked

A great number of learners are used to keeping to a page-limitbasis. While some educational institutions set page limits fortheir essays, many of them impose a strict word limit instead.Thus they ensure there’s a strict length for all the papers thisparticular college gets, no matter what fonts and formatting theyhave.

Your college paper needs to be close to, without exceeding thestrict word limit. You’d better use 50 words as your lower bound,while using the word limit as the upper one. To be exact, for a500-word essay, you require getting between 450-500 words. If astrict range is provided, you are bound to stay within it. Asusual, college essay prompts specify the word limit. Forinstance, they might ask you to have your response limited toabout 300-300 words.

The shortest word limit for college papers usually doesn’t exceed250 words. However, a word limit of more than 600 words is real.College essays are short as a rule, ranging from 200 to 650words. Every day admissions officers have to view hundreds ofthem. They are tired of this. As the result, they loseconcentration and might evaluate a paper much lower than itactually deserves. That’s why you require weighing every word ofyours, thus helping them to rapidly grasp the very essence ofyour writing. Strict word limits are meant to help to meet thisobjective.

How flexible can be the word limit?

When talking about 500 word essay length, we come to a questionhow flexible the academic word limit is. You certainly want toknow if it possible in some situations to go over your wordlimit. Well, if you’re actually attaching a particular documentand you require a couple of additional words, getting away withexceeding it is quite acceptable. As usual, some collegesofficially allow their learners to exceed their word limit by nomore two words. Ideally, if you’re able not to exceed your wordlimit, it’s great and it shows that you’re a very smart andskilled author. Please, consider the following nuances:

  • If you need to copy-paste something into a text box a paperof yours might get cut off. As a result, you will have to have ittrimmed down.
  • If you happen to surpass your word limit in rather anoticeable way, then the admissions officer might cease readingyour writing work past that point. Sure, it can’t bring anythinggood.
  • Adhering to directions appears to be a very crucial part ofacademic paper writing. You require sticking to directions if youreally want to obtain your letters of recommendations and so on.It’s just a good rule to adhere to regardless of instructionsyou’ve been provided by the educational instruction.

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Going under the word limit

Well, it’s a good thing if you’re capable of getting your pointacross beneath the strict word limit. Indeed, brevity isconsidered to be one of the greatest virtues in writing. In mostcases people welcome an ability to be concise, cogent and clear.

However, in most cases learners face very tight word limits. Ifwith the assigned 500 word essay length, you’ve just managed towrite no more than 300 words, perhaps, you require elaboratingsomething or telling more to back your points. On this issue youcan consult your advisor, friends or even parents.

If the educational institution gives you a particular word limit,you ought to at least reach the bottom end of the assigned range.For instance, if your limit is 400-500 words, you’re bound tocompose at least 400 words. Certainly, if you generate less, theadmissions office might think you really don’t have anything tosay. That’s not the impression you intend to give, is it?

There’s no word limit

Rarely, some colleges allow their learners not to stick todefinite word limit, so they can write as much as they want.That’s what many students dream about. Colleges don’t set ahard-and-fast word limit each time they require a writing samplefrom their students. Perhaps, it’s your unique chance to havethem totally impressed. However, even if you aren’t locked in 500word essay length, you’d better stay away from going beyond 10pages.

I don’t see any guidance on length!

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Sometimes learners are unable to find any length guidelineshaving scanned the admissions website attentively. In thisparticular case we highly recommend to call the admissionsoffice. Even if they don’t tell you the exact number, at leastyou’ll be shown the length of most essays they receive. Mostlikely they will keep your from generating a 20-page writing workabout your food preferences.

Generally speaking, the standard limit of 500 words is safeenough for an average college essay. This volume appears to belong enough to develop a key idea, while rapidly getting a pointacross. It really matters considering admissions officers receivethousands of papers.

How long should your essay be?

Obviously, the best essay length is straightforward enough:you’re eager to be right under or at the assigned limit. If youhappen to substantially overrun your limit, your paper might becut off by your college’s online application form. Being too farunder limit suggests you haven’t elaborated properly. In mostcases, just sticking to this standard limit of 500 words would bethe safest measure ever. However, for special cases we providethe following tips:

  • If it appears to be a writing sample of a graded academicwork of yours, the length really doesn’t matter or pageguidelines need to be liberal enough.
  • Get ready to deal with implicit length guidelines. Let’sassume a prompt suggests writing three paragraphs. In this casewriting just six sentences would be too concise, while ending upwith two single-spaced pages would be too long.
  • Length guidelines can be discovered in the prompt, but theycan still be found on your college’s website. It also makes senseto check FAQs and google your college using the search query“admissions essay word limit.”
  • In case of having no word limit at all, contact youreducational institution for some guidance on the subject.

With these tips, you can be assured that everything is ok withyour essay length.

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